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Crafty Owl Naomi is currently nesting in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Together with my great friend Crafty Owl Khris, we decided to try and see if we could sell some of the items we love to make. We are keeping separate blogs, but please feel free to fly across to Crafty Owl Khris and see what she has for sale at her nest shop. All the items I am selling, are hand crafted by me, and as such, I wouldn't sell anything I wouldn't be happy to receive. Having said that, there's only so many things I can make and keep....AND sustain a healthy fabric collection....hence I will happily make and sell you high quality hand crafted items. Please browse the "Labels" in the side bar, or use the "Search this blog" feature to see the selection of items I currently have for sale. Please be patient with me, whilst I organise my nest and pop things up for you to look at.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Credit Card/Store Card holder - Your Choice Fabric

These fabric covered credit card/store card holders are made from 100% quality quilting cotton. Fully lined and interfaced. Replaceable credit card/store card books can be replaced if you ever need to, allowing you to keep your lovely fabric cover. These will hold 40 cards.

Until I take more pictures, the holders you see in the above photo, are just a selection of those I have available. If there is a specific colour or theme you would like one custom made in, please email me with your request, and allow me to produce a high quality holder, just for you.

$7.00 AUD plus postage $0.55 AUD within Australia. Please feel free to email me if you would like other items combined for cost effective postage fees.

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  1. Okay...this is it! pics! maybe I was at the wrong place...hmmm....
    hugz+, Pam